" Memorial To A Marriage: Museums, Equality, and Social Justice" Gallery Talk
March. 9, 2018 I 12PM
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
Washington dc

This year Cronin's acclaimed sculpture Memorial To A Marriage was acquired by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery where it's on view in 50th Anniversary New Acquisitions exhibition through November 2018. Created before gay marriage was legal in the U.S., Cronin uses a "nationalist" form; American Neoclassical sculpture, to address what she saw as a federal failure. It has since become an icon of the marriage equality movement.


Flag Art Foundation Celebrates Its First Decade
February 24 2018
Flag Art Foundation

For any successful venture, a decennial anniversary is a reflective occasion to take stock of achievements and honor the milestone, but also to ponder the future. The question often on everyone’s mind, and perhaps the most vexing for a high-caliber art venue: So what’s on tap for the next decade?


Annual Recent Acquisitions Exhibition
Nov. 17 2017 - Nov.4, 2018
Memorial to a Marriage
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

The annual exhibition "Recent Acquisitions" at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery displays the latest portraits to enter into the museum’s renowned collection. Figures who have made lasting contributions in such areas as medicine, music, literature, art and social justice are represented in paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photographs and new media. The latest version of the installation will be on view from Nov. 17 through Nov. 4, 2018.


Prune, The Met, and BAM: Patricia Cronin's New York
November 7, 2017


This week, Whitewaller New York launches for The Salon Art + Design (November 9-13). To help guide you to the best spots in town—where you can eat, drink, see art, and relax at, we hear from a group of insiders. Up next, we hear from Patricia Cronin Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.


Patricia Cronin at the LAB Gallery Dublin
July 19, 2017

art news

"Patricia Cronin: Shrine for Girls, Dublin" is on view at the LAB Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, through Sunday, August 20. The solo exhibition, the New York-based artist's first in Ireland, is a re-creation of her installation at the 2015 Venice Biennale.


Groups of garments go local and global
June 27, 2017

the Irish Times

Glance through the plate glass window of the Lab on Foley Street and you’ll find that New York-based artist Patricia Cronin has transformed the main ground floor gallery space into a Shrine for Girls.

Three mounds of fabric clothing rest atop large packing crates, one against each wall. There is something appropriately sad and elegiac about the scene. The discarded clothes evoke the girls who may have worn them, prompting us to ask who they might be. And, why three distinct groups of garments? The answers have both local and global relevance.


Regarding Women in the Acton Collection
June 26 - December 14 2017
NYU | Florence
Via Bolognese, 120

50139 Florence, Italy

Inauguration of the art exhibition by Italian and international female artists Zoe Buckman, Alessandra Capodacqua, Patricia Cronin, Bärbel Reinhard, and Deb Willis, with poetry reading by Elisa Biagini, followed by a performance by Karen E. Finley, New York-based performance artist.


Patricia Cronin Shrine For Girls, Dublin
June 16 – August 20, 2017
The LAB Gallery
Foley Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

The LAB Gallery is pleased to present, Shrine For Girls, Dublin, the first solo exhibition in Ireland of New York artist Patricia Croinin. One of the critically acclaimed highlights of the 2015 Venice Biennale, this site-specific installation is a meditation on the global plight of exploited girls and women.

Moving from the sacred altars and architecture of Venice’s sixteenth-century Chiesa di San Gallo to the secular urban gallery context of The LAB, in the heart of Joyce's Nighttown and built in the shadow of the last Magdalene Laundry to close in Ireland in 1996, Cronin gathers hundreds of articles of women’s and girls’ clothing from around the world to represent three specific tragedies.

Brightly-colored saris symbolize two Indian cousins who were gang-raped and lynched in 2014; somber hijabs signify 276 Nigerian Chibok schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram in 2014 (109 of which are still missing); and pale aprons symbolize those worn by “fallen women” in forced labour at the Magdalene Asylums and Laundries in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States to act as relics of these young martyrs.


Patricia Cronin: Value, Justice, and Success
June 1, 2017


Patricia Cronin likes to ask three questions through her work: Whose body has value? Who gets to decide? And what are the consequences to the individual and to the community?

These questions and the answers they provoke have propelled her to create an array of work like Memorial To A Marriage (2002), a three-ton marble sculpture of herself and her partner, artist Deborah Kass, before same-sex marriage was legal, placed on their burial plot at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. That work, as well as others of hers, have gone on to public and private museums and collection, and have been featured in art history textbooks.

When we visited Cronin in her Brooklyn studio, she was very busy. Her Shrine For Girls, shown at the 2015 Venice Biennale and last summer at The FLAG Art Foundation, is about to travel to Ireland. It’s a heartfelt three-part altar made of clothing to honor specific mistreated and murdered women in Africa, India, and Ireland, and a reality check in the face of the numbing 24-hour shock-wave news cycle. In addition, she had a large-scale project set to appear at The Armory Show in March, a restaging of her 1997 Tack Room. And there was a growing list of projects on the horizon.

Sitting with us, she spoke with us about time travel, feminism, and honoring women with the dignity that was not afforded to them when they were alive.


"Patricia Cronin: Social Justice and Aesthetic Responsibilities" Lecture Picturing Women Series
New York University, Villa La Pietra Florence, Italy
April 11, 2017 I 6pm

New York based conceptual artist Patricia Cronin will discuss her work addressing social justice issues of gender, sexuality and class; including, marriage equality, feminist art history and the international human rights of women. This talk will detail three major bodies of work Memorial To A Marriage, Harriet Hosmer: A Catalogue Raisonné and Shrine For Girls. Cronin’s aesthetic strategy breathes new life into traditional art images and forms in time honored artists’ materials and injects her specific contemporary political content into them.


How Should Art Address Human Rights?
The Atlantic
April 4, 2017

The American artist Patricia Cronin has used garments to make work about human-rights violations far from where she lives in New York. She’s also sensitive to her role as an outsider creating art about other people’s suffering. “I want people to see and care about what’s happening in these distant geographic areas through the clothes that women and girls wear every day. Just like the jeans and sweaters we put on