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Contemporaneo 30x30:
Trenta Mostre in Trenta’ Anni

Ludovico Pratesi
Castelvecchi Editore, 2019

ISBN-10: 8832828154
ISBN-13: 978-8832828153

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Queer Holdings: A Survey of the Leslie-Lohman Museum Collection

Noam Parness and Gonzalo Casals, eds.
Hirmer Publishers, 2019

The collecting origins of the Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York—the only museum dedicated to preserving and fostering LGBTQ art—can be traced to 1969, when its founders hosted their first “homosexual art fair” in New York. Evolving from gallery to foundation to museum in five decades, Leslie-Lohman’s collection mirrors shifting histories of LGBTQ social movements in the United States, from the Stonewall riots to the AIDS epidemic, when the founders often rescued the work of dying artists from families who wanted to destroy it.

This volume presents two hundred objects from the museum’s vast permanent collection, gathers texts that explore history, provenance, genre, and subject matter, and engages in critical conversations about gender and race in the museum’s collection. At once a wide-ranging survey of queer art and a critical glance at contemporary museum collecting practices, Queer Holdings plumbs an institution’s possible futures by revisiting the milestones of its activist past.

ISBN-10: 3777431931
ISBN-13: 978-3777431932

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The Academic Body

Peter Benson Miller and Mark Robbins, eds.
American Academy in Rome, 2019

Since the origins of representation, the human body has been a vehicle for a variety of approaches to artistic expression. As a way of imagining the divine, as a site of ideal beauty and ruminations on mortality, or as the contested ground between nature and culture, bodies—and representations of bodies—index culture’s ideas about itself and mark the locus for the questioning and contestation of the human form. Recently, the body has reemerged as a work in progress, a canvas to be altered, conforming to changing canons of beauty or constantly evolving constructed gender roles. In this capacity, the body as a malleable form has once again taken center stage in cultural debate and artistic expression. As lightning rods for contemporary social issues—including the violence committed against the marginalized, the recognition of transgender individuals, and the replacement of workers by robotics, to name only a few examples—bodies have assumed unprecedented visibility in political discourse. Mindful of these issues, this exhibition tracks the ways in which the body has been interrogated and transformed in contemporary art from 1894 to the present. As it has evolved from a stalwart of Academic artistic practice to a laboratory for cutting-edge dialogue between critical theory and creative endeavor, the American Academy in Rome (AAR) is uniquely qualified to host an exhibition tracking the changing representations of the body in art and society. In so doing, the institution reflects critically on its own trajectory and enduring relevance. The Academic Body features work by artists affiliated with the AAR (Fellows and Residents) whose work has explored the above themes in provocative ways, as well as artists whose trajectories have intersected meaningfully and critically with Italy and the Academic tradition.

ISBN-13: 9781879549265
ISBN-10: 1879549263

Eye to I: Self-Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery

Brandon Brame Fortune
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution and Hirmer Publishers, 2019

Today, with the proliferation of selfies and the contemporary focus on identity, it is time to reassess the significance of the self-portrait. Drawing primarily from the National Portrait Gallery's collection, Eye to I explores how American artists have portrayed themselves over the past two centuries. The book shows that while each individual approaches self-portraiture under unique circumstances, all of their representations raise important questions about self-perception and self-reflection. Sometimes artists choose to reveal intimate details of their inner lives. Other times they use the genre to obfuscate their true selves or invent alter egos.

This richly illustrated book features an introduction by the National Portrait Gallery's chief curator and nearly one hundred fifty insightful entries on key self-portraits in the museum's collection. It enables the reader to come face to face with some of America's most influential artists of the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries, like Edward Hopper, Beatrice Wood, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Edward Steichen, Diego Rivera, George Gershwin, Elaine de Kooning, Louise Bourgeois, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Joan Jonas, Patti Smith, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alice Neel, David Hockney, Chuck Close, and many more. Eye to I provides readers with an overview of self-portraiture while revealing the intersections that exist between art, life, and self-representation.

ISBN-13: 9783777432236
ISBN-10: 3777432237

Artistic Reconfigurations of Rome: An Alternative Guide to the Eternal City, 1989-2014

Kaspar Thormod
Brill|Rodopi, 2019

In Artistic Reconfigurations of Rome Kaspar Thormod examines how visions of Rome manifest themselves in artworks produced by international artists who have stayed at the city's foreign academies. Structured as an alternative guide to Rome, the book represents an interdisciplinary approach to creating a dynamic visual history that brings into view facets of the city's diverse contemporary character. Thormod demonstrates that when artists successfully reconfigure Rome they provide us with visions that, being anchored in a present, undermine the connotations of permanence and immovability that cling to the 'Eternal City' epithet. Looking at the work of these artists, the reader is invited to engage critically with the question: what is Rome today? - or perhaps better: what can Rome be?

ISBN-10: 9004394206
ISBN-13: 978-9004394209

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Women and Migration:
Responses in Art and History

Kalia Brooks Nelson, Ellyn Toscano, and Deborah Willis, eds.
New York: NYU Global Institute for Advanced Study and Open Book Publishers, 2019

The essays in this book chart how women’s profound and turbulent experiences of migration have been articulated in writing, photography, art and film. As a whole, the volume gives an impression of a wide range of migratory events from women’s perspectives, covering the Caribbean Diaspora, refugees and slavery through the various lenses of politics and war, love and family.

The contributors, which include academics and artists, offer both personal and critical points of view on the artistic and historical repositories of these experiences. Selfies, motherhood, violence and Hollywood all feature in this substantial treasure-trove of women’s joy and suffering, disaster and delight, place, memory and identity. This collection appeals to artists and scholars of the humanities, particularly within the social sciences; though there is much to recommend it to creatives seeking inspiration or counsel on the issue of migratory experiences. well as to address the changing needs of both students and educators.


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The FLAG Art Foundation 2008-2018

Glenn Fuhrman
Gregory Miller, 2019

The FLAG Art Foundation, founded in 2008 by financier, philanthropist and collector Glenn Fuhrman, began with the mission of promoting the appreciation of contemporary art among a diverse audience. Since then, FLAG has presented 50 exhibitions featuring more than 500 artists. Guest curators have ranged from artists to athletes, from writers to historians, and from fashion designers to museum directors. Ambitious and entertaining solo and group exhibitions have included established figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Mark Bradford, Maurizio Cattelan, Robert Gober, Félix González-Torres, Jim Hodges, Ellsworth Kelly, Charles Ray, Gerhard Richter and Cindy Sherman, as well as the work of a large number of emerging artists.

The FLAG Art Foundation: 2008–2018 documents the first decade of programming at this innovative and important nonprofit organization. FLAG has rapidly made a major contribution to contemporary art and to the careers of many artists. Fully illustrated with installation views of each exhibition, along with a diverse range of texts from people who have played key roles in FLAG’s history (including Jim Hodges, Chuck Close, James Frey, Shaquille O’Neal and Fuhrman himself), The FLAG Art Foundation: 2008–2018 is a beautifully designed tenth-anniversary testament to a singular institution.

ISBN-10: 194136621X
ISBN-13: 978-1941366219

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Art History (6th Edition)

by Marilyn Stokstad and Michael W. Cothren
London: Pearson Educational, 2017

Shrine For Girls
is featured along with Olafur Eliasson, Krzysztof Wodiczko and Rachel Whiteread in the last chapter "The International Scene since the 1950s."

Art History brings the history of art to life for a new generation of students. It is global in scope, inclusive in its coverage, and warm and welcoming in tone. The guiding vision of Art History is that the teaching of art history survey courses should be filled with equal delight, enjoyment, and serious learning, while fostering an enthusiastic and educated public for the visual arts. The Sixth Edition has been revised to reflect new discoveries, recent research, and fresh interpretive perspectives, as well as to address the changing needs of both students and educators.

ISBN-13: 978-0134479279
ISBN-10: 0134479270

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Problems and Provocations: Grand Arts (1995-2015)

Edited by Stacey Switzer and Annie Fischer
Grand Arts, 2016

Grand Arts, a contemporary art project space in Kansas City, MO, quietly but radically tested the limits of institutional and artistic support for nearly two decades. In helping more than 120 national and international artists realize projects considered too difficult, provocative, or complex to attract funding and support otherwise, the gallery achieved insider fame and deepseated respect as a bastion of generosity and risk. Now, as its final endeavor, Grand Arts gamely interrogates its values, methods, outcomes and legacies in Problems and Provocations: Grand Arts 1995–2015―an indispensable source book on creativity, collaboration and what it takes to realize a major work of contemporary art. The volume documents 30 key projects from Grand Arts’ previously unexcavated history, by artists such as Alice Aycock, Patricia Cronin, Ellie Ga, Alfredo Jaar, Isaac Julien, Annie Lapin, Laurel Nakadate, Filip Noterdaeme, William Pope L., Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Emily Roysdon, Tavares Strachan and the Propeller Group. Recent annotations and previously untold stories by artists and collaborators complement an archival deepdive of photographs, artist proposals, sketches, notes, internal documents and items of private correspondence.

Essays by Pablo Helguera, Iain Kerr, Gean Moreno, Emily Roysdon and Rob Walker explore the models, practices ethics, and futures of art institutions, and a critical study conducted by the research studio RHEI identifies and describes Grand Arts’ distinctive model of support.

Part retrospective, part how-to guide, Problems and Provocations actively leverages Grand Arts’ past to engage problems of theoretical and practical interest to cultural producers moving forward― and serves as essential reading for today’s artists, students, curators and all those interested in tales of unpredictable ventures in the world of contemporary art.

448 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-0692625538
ISBN-10: 0692625534

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All The World’s Futures:  56th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

Okwui Enwezor
Marsilio, 2015

Rather than one overarching theme, the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale is informed by a layer of intersecting filters. These filters are a constellation of parameters that circumscribe multiple ideas which will be touched upon to imagine and realize a diversity of practices. All the World’s Futures employs as a filter the historical trajectory that the Biennale itself, over the course of its one hundred and twenty years existence has run over. A filter through which to reflect on both the current ‘state of things’ and the ‘appearance of things.’

At its core is the notion of the exhibition as a stage, where historical and counter-historical projects are explored. Within this framework the main aspects of the 56th Biennale Exhibition solicit and privilege new proposals and works conceived specifically by invited artists, filmmakers, choreographers, performers, composers, and writers.

960 pp
ISBN-10: 8831721283
ISBN-13: 978-8831721288

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Live the Art

by Jeffrey Deitch
Designed by Stefan Sagmeister
Rizzoli, New York, 2014

This extraordinary three-dimensional package of LIVE THE ART, is a suitable homage to Jeffrey Deitch’s legendary stature and influence as an art dealer and producer of memorable installations and art happenings that robustly transcended the idea of a mere “exhibition.”

More than four years in the making, and divided into chapters devoted to each year between 1996 and 2010, LIVE THE ART explores in detail the astonishing shows and performances the visionary Deitch mounted in a one-story former garage on Grand Street in Soho that would be the primary home of Deitch Projects for fifteen years.

Deitch illuminates the founding concept by stating, “Deitch Projects was not meant to be an art gallery. The concept was simple. We would not operate as a gallery but would become a commercial version of the ‘project room’ that the Museum of Modern Art and a number of other American Museums had established in the ‘70s and ‘80s.”

Deitch’s original guidelines were simple: his intention was to invite artists who had not yet had a solo exhibition to create a “project” rather than a conventional show of work, and he would provide funds for the artist to produce their visions in the space.

Hardcover, 448 pages
ISBN-10: 0847836479
ISBN-13: 978-0847836475

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NYC 1993:
Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

Edited by Massimiliano Gioni, Gary Carrion-Murayari, Jenny Moore, Margot Norton
New Museum, New York, 2013

"NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star" looks at art made and exhibited in New York over the course of one year, providing a synchronic panorama in which established artists and emerging figures of the time are presented alongside the work of authors whose influence has since faded from the discussion. Centering on the year 1993, the exhibition is conceived as a time capsule, an experiment in collective memory that attempts to capture a specific moment at the intersection of art, pop culture, and politics. The exhibition draws its subtitle from the eponymous album that the New York rock band Sonic Youth recorded in 1993 and captures the complex exchange between mainstream and underground culture across disciplines, which came to define the art of the era. The New Museum's exhibition will include a number of historical reconstructions of important installations and exhibitions from 1993, while other works will be revisited and reinterpreted from the vantage point of today—highlighting the ways in which certain actions, events, attitudes, and emotions reverberate towards the present. These works will sketch out the complex intersection between art and the world at large that defined the 1990s and continues to shape artistic expression today.

183 pp; 64 color and 16 b&w images
ISBN 9780985448561

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Museums, Equality and Social Justice

Edited by Richard Sandell, Eithne Nightingale
Routledge, June 2012

The last two decades have seen concerns for equality, diversity, social justice and human rights move from the margins of museum thinking and practice, to the core. The arguments – both moral and pragmatic – for engaging diverse audiences, creating the conditions for more equitable access to museum resources, and opening up opportunities for participation, now enjoy considerable consensus in many parts of the world. A growing number of institutions are concerned to construct new narratives that represent a plurality of lived experiences, histories and identities which aim to nurture support for more progressive, ethically-informed ways of seeing and to actively inform contemporary public debates on often contested rights-related issues. At the same time it would be misleading to suggest an even and uncontested transition from the museum as an organisation that has been widely understood to marginalise, exclude and oppress to one which is wholly inclusive. Moreover, there are signs that momentum towards making museums more inclusive and equitable is slowing down or, in some contexts, reversing.

Museums, Equality and Social Justice aims to reflect on and, crucially, to inform debates in museum research, policy and practice at this critical time. It brings together new research from academics and practitioners and insights from artists, activists, and commentators to explore the ways in which museums, galleries and heritage organisations are engaging with the fast-changing equalities terrain and the shifting politics of identity at global, national and local levels and to investigate their potential to contribute to more equitable, fair and just societies.

334 pp.
ISBN 13 Paperback: 978-0-415-50469-0
ISBN 13 Hardback: 978-0-415-50468-3

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Twice Drawn : Modern and Contemporary Drawings in Context

Edited by Ian Berry, Jack Shear
Prestel Publishing, 2011

This book is an exciting survey of modern and contemporary drawing that explores how context affects our understanding of art. Twice Drawn brings together an eclectic range of drawings from the last half-century to explore the influence and vigor of this pervasive yet commonly overlooked practice. Providing a contextual depth often lost in large group surveys, this book begins with beautiful reproductions of two stand-out drawings each from over 50 artists. The book then mixes those drawings with hundreds more works that are thematically arranged by traditional genres and less conventional principles, offering alternative ways to examine relationships among style, contemporaneity, and chronology.

288 pages;
ISBN-10: 3791350544
ISBN-13: 978-3791350547

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City Secrets Rome :
The Essential Insider's Guide

Edited by Robert Kahn
Fang Duff Kahn Publishers, 2011

City Secrets Rome: The Essential Insider's Guide brings together the recommendations of artists, writers, historians, architects, chefs, and other experts whose passionate opinions and highly informed perspectives illuminate well-known sites as well as overlooked treasures. These expert travel companions share with you their favorite little-known places including restaurants, cafés, art, architecture, shops, outdoor markets, strolls, daytrips, as well all manner of cultural and historic landmarks. Clothbound, elegant, and pocket-sized, City Secrets Rome features a subtle, non-guidebook design and detailed maps. With over 250 contributors and 400 entries, this curated travel guide is a valuable supplement to any book more devoted to travel basics.

384 pages;
ISBN-10: 0983079501
ISBN-13: 978-0983079507

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Art and Homosexuality: A History of Ideas

Christopher Reed
Oxford University Press, May 2011

This bold, globe-spanning survey is the first book to thoroughly explore the radical, long-standing interdependence between art and homosexuality. It draws examples from the full range of the Western tradition, including classical, Renaissance, and contemporary art, with special focus on the modern era. It was in the modern period, when arguments about homosexuality and the avant-garde were especially public, that our current conception of the artist and the homosexual began to take shape, and almost as quickly to overlap. Not a chronology of gay or lesbian artists, the book is a fascinating and sophisticated account of the ways two conspicuous identities have fundamentally informed one another. Art and Homosexuality discusses many of modernism's canonical figures--painters like Courbet, Picasso, and Pollock; writers like Whitman and Stein--and issues, such as the rise of abstraction, the avant-garde's relationship to its patrons and the political exploitation of art. It shows that many of the core ideas that define modernism are nearly indecipherable without an understanding of the paired identities of artist and homosexual. Illustrated with over 175 b/w and color images that range from high to popular culture and from Ancient Greece to contemporary America, Art and Homosexuality punctures the platitudes surrounding discussions of both aesthetics and sexual identity and takes our understanding of each in stimulating new directions.

304 pages; 178 b/w & color illus.; 7 x 10;
ISBN13: 978-0-19-539907-3
ISBN10: 0-19-539907-2

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Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain, 2011

The history of Western art is full of images of seductive, indulgent, submissive, defeated and enslaved women. But the women whom this exhibition centres on are strong women: active, independent, defiant, inspired, creative, domineering and triumphant. Or, to use a key word that has been at the top of the feminist agenda for the last few decades: this exhibition is interested in images which could be sources of “empowerment” for women themselves. Lists of heroines have a long history, starting with the first catalogues of famous females by Hesiod and Homer, in which women appeared only as “accessories” to the males – as the heroes’ or gods’ mothers and daughters, wives and mistresses. The first compendium of women who were illustrious on their own merit was that in Boccaccio’s De claris mulieribus, which followed in the footsteps of Petrarch’s De viris illustribus. Inspired by Boccaccio’s work but intent on correcting his point of view, in 1405 Christine de Pizan wrote the first defence of women to be penned by a woman: The Book of the City of Ladies. Pardon the anachronism but Christine de Pizan was the first feminist – because she attributed the disadvantages of being a woman not to Mother Nature but to force of habit. Her book led to a long Querelle des Femmes which has lasted seven centuries and is still very much alive.

This exhibition is also a kind of “city of ladies” centred especially on the cycle of modernity, from the 19th century to the present day. Following a non-chronological but thematic order, it explores the backgrounds and aspirations of heroines: the iconography of solitude, work, delirium, sport, war, magic, religion, reading and painting. In each “chapter” artworks from different periods, languages and artistic environments are juxtaposed, providing food for thought on what has changed through those differences and what has remained the same. And in each chapter, one or several voices of women artists, particularly contemporary women, respond to images created by their male counterparts.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9668595-1-5

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