Patricia Cronin :
Machines, Gods, and Ghosts

essays by ludovico pratesi and peter benson miller, ph.d.
centrale montemartini Museo
Silvana Editoriale, Milan 2013

Machines, Gods and Ghosts is an exhibition by the American artist Patricia Cronin conceived especially for the Engine Room of Rome's Centrale Montemartini. The artist expands upon the already spectral dialogue between the classical sculptures on view and the industrial archaeology of the exhibition space. Inaugurated in 1912 as the city's first public electric station and converted into a museum in 1997, the Centrale houses an important part of the Capitoline Museums' archaeological collection. Entitled Ghosts, the works are ethereal representations poised between abstraction and figuration.

The works of Patricia Cronin are ghosts; they have an immaterial presence. Her images float in space, creating and proposing a new dialogue between time, memory, and desire. Their placement throughout the museum will generate a powerful dialogue between past and present, between archaeology, industry, and, of course, contemporary art. (Ludovico Pratesi)

30 color reproductions, 64 pp.
ISBN: 9788836627707

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